Shamanism is the root of all world religions and spiritual practices. It is Humanity's shamanic consciousness that fundamentally separates him from animal consciousness.

This practice of union with the Divine in order to answer spiritual questions, and gain advice for survival on the material plane is the connection of all moments of inspiration.

Ancient tribal cultures relied upon their shamans for healing, the answering of fundamental questions such as where to search for food, which roots and berries were harmful or medicinal, and at a deeper level to answer questions about creation and meaning. It was the shamans who developed stories of Gods and Goddesses and creation myths that still inform our modern cultures.

Across the globe similarities in complex rituals, artistic endeavors, stories and cultural developments are clear evidence of the Divine connection between all human beings. Using specific rituals the shamans of all races connected to the same place that in Native American traditions was called Field of Plenty, and to modern consciousness may be known as Eternity. Such a connection was considered to be of enormous importance and shamans were revered. It was essential that their traditions and practices were protected and continued, and prospective candidates were urgently sought.

A child who showed any special abilities such as prediction through dreams, sensitivity towards Nature, or had physical symptoms such as skin disorders, epilepsy or migraines would be offered as a pupil to the shaman. The practice of out-of-body journeying was taught through the careful ritualistic use of natural hallucinogens such as hashish and peyote. The lack of understanding and ritual around modern drug use may explain the negative consequences of an unsupervised trip.

The failure to recognize a shamanically sensitive child may lead to mental disorders that we now call schizophrenia.

The consciousness of the gifted child in attempting to connect with the Divine without proper training or knowledge undergoes a psychological breakdown. In ancient cultures such mental illness was rare as any child who showed the smallest psychic or artistic ability was valued. However, with the development of large-scale civilizations and the consequent political complexities that ensued, the traditional power base of the shamans was eroded.

A split between Shaman and King created a conflict that eventually led to the historical outlawing of shamanic consciousness by political power structures. When shamanic teachings arose to inform the ecstasy cults of Gnostic Christianity and created the teachings of the Historical Christ, it was immediately and violently smashed by the immensely powerful material rulers. In Europe the shamanically informed Pagan nature cults and the communities of Celtic Christianity were also destroyed. The Inquisition of the Holy Roman Catholic Church took millions of lives in its attempt to root out all the natural shamans of Europe, labeling them witches, wizards and black magicians. Not even the mentally ill were spared. All were considered possessed by demons, and if exorcism failed or was refused, they would encounter the fires of Hell as they were slowly burned at the stake.

As the Roman Catholic Church spread across the globe and confronted shamanism in its rawest form in Africa and the Americas, these cultures were horrifically decimated through slavery, disease and genocide. Ironically the Church claimed to hold the only key to the Divine house of God, that shamans throughout history have had the natural gift to possess within. It is of poignant relevance that modern societies far from understanding or revering such shamanic abilities in its children, have so distanced themselves from shamanism that cases of mental disorders such as schizophrenia are higher now than ever before, and predicted to rise steeply.

Even the mystical and occult secret societies have lost the true understanding of the shamanic journey. Germany's Dr. Franz Kallman's merciless study of 1000 schizophrenics published in 1938 by the "Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" allowed the Nazis to rationalize the mass murder of 250,000 German schizophrenic and mentally-impaired men, women and children.

The genetic superiority claims of the Dragon Court's Sovereign Grand Master Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg reveal much about the Western world's obsession with natural shamanism. Drakenberg and the Holy Grail bloodline aristocracy believe they possess unique genes which raises them above mere mortals, allowing them communication with "The Gods" and supernatural magickal power. However, they equally believe the indigenous peoples of the world to be "sub-human", and to be preventing the human race from further evolutionary advancements. And yet there are countless accounts documented by anthropologists of indigenous shamans "walking with God", "visiting God's house", or "speaking with God".

The most fundamental of divine gifts bestowed upon Humanity has been debased to "witchcraft and vampirism" by the European aristocracy. The claims by Roman Catholic priests that they literally worship in "the house of God" and are the only conduit between God and Humanity further erodes any authentic connection between humankind and the Divine.

"Priests speak to God, but God speaks to Shamans", a Native American cave painter once noted.

It is sad and ironic that the natural shamans of the world have been murdered, victimized and brought to the brink of madness, by the very same people who claim to be the High Priests of civilization.

Undoubtedly the search for the occult elite's "God gene" is continuing under the guise of the "Human Genome Project", which was begun by the American Society of Human Genetics, created by none other than Dr. Franz Kallman. This unique gene of megalomania and delusion will no doubt be offered to all those who wish to advance up the evolutionary ladder that is topped by Prince de Vere von Drakenberg et al. But watch out for those snakes, they can bring you crashing down equally fast...




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